Fit-for-purpose solutions

Cambridge Credible Transport passionately believes that Cambridge can grow with environmentally friendly, sustainable, solutions suitable for the future beyond 2020.  There is a danger in implementing yesterday’s solutions tomorrow. We need to manage traffic and air quality while retaining the special place that is Cambridge and its environs.

We believe that:

  • High quality sustainable transport options are required between Cambourne and Cambridge
  • Sustainable transport options must work for residents of all the villages and not just the larger residential centres such as Cambourne
  • Any short to medium term solutions must be compatible with long term plans for a city-wide sustainable transport network
  • Segregated provision for cyclists and pedestrians are the best solutions.
  • Public money must be spent cost-effectively to provide healthy affordable solutions
  • The essential environment of Cambridge, especially to the west, where fields have always been close to the heart of the city, must be protected and retained
  • We can make better planned use of the existing roads, sometimes with bus lanes, possibly tidal bus lanes in some places, certainly on the A1303 into Cambridge.

Present plans being proposed by Greater Cambridge City Deal would lead to hundreds of large buses crowding into Cambridge in the rush hours.  While no one is sure where and how they could be accommodated, the likely pollution and traffic jams are simply incredible prospects.

We need a credible solution.