Hundreds turn out to protest

Hundreds of impassioned Cambridgeshire residents turned out to join the protest march against the proposed West Cambridge busway. Demonstrators processed from the Backs, over Garret Hostel Bridge before completing a lap of the market square. There were speeches and songs outside the Senate House, the nominal centre of the University, before the march continued along Kings Parade and Silver Street, returning to the Backs.

The Christmas shoppers heard our message. The slightly bemused tourists heard our message. City Deal, have you heard the message?

  • We are here to protest against these idiotic proposals for the busway…
  • There are excellent alternatives using existing infrastructure and it’s a scandal that they have not been properly assessed. Cllr Helen Bradbury, Coton Parish Council and chair of West Cambridge Local Liaison Forum
  • This is a fight and we need to be a strong voice against the City Deal’s campaign to put a bus route across the West Fields. Cllr Rod Cantrill, Lib Dems – Newnham
  • People don’t demonstrate when things are going well and when they are being listened to. Cllr Bridget Smith, Lib Dems – Gamlingay
  • Although we want to see improvements in public transport, this can not be done at the sacrifice of the local environment and the important green spaces for the people of Cambridge. Stuart Tuckwood, Cambridge Green Party

The speeches, filmed by Anthony Carpen, can be viewed here.

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