Economic Justification for Option 3/3A is flawed

Cambridge Credible Transport have carried out a critique of the economic case for the off-road busway in conjunction with an economic expert. Key conclusions include:

  • The number of additional jobs attributable to the construction of the busway appears to be over-stated. Therefore the Gross Value Added (GVA) figure used to justify the selection of Option 3/3A has been hugely over-estimated.
  • Of the three considered options, Option 3/3A constitutes the lowest value for money.
  • An improved on-road design (such as the one currently being worked up by the LLF) which gives the buses greater priority would narrow the (already small) gap in time/cost benefits.
  • The Western busway routes contribute a minimal share of the overall target jobs for the Greater Cambridge region. This adds weight to the Cambridge Credible Transport argument to support a scheme that would cost c£42m rather than c£207m.

Overall the selection of Option 3/3A on economic grounds is flawed.

The Mott MacDonald report for the Greater Cambridge City Deal can be found here.

The critical review can be found here.