LLF Update

On 17th March the Local Liaison Forum (LLF) presented their on-road bus scheme (named Option 6) in a packed public meeting in Comberton. On 11th April the LLF then presented Option 6 to the Executive Board of the City Deal. In both meetings, members of the LLF stressed that they regard Option 6 as flexible. The LLF is not wedded to this particular solution but to the principles that underpin it.

At the April meeting, the City Deal Board agreed to the following:

  • To conduct a thorough, fair and transparent appraisal of Option 6
  • To give the LLF sight of the consultation brief for Option 6 that will be issued to Mott MacDonald
  • To convene one or more workshops to discuss the metrics for the Cambourne to Cambridge bus scheme
  • To convene a workshop to discuss Madingley Road east of the M11
  • To provide an official minute at the next board meeting to confirm the undertaking of the thorough appraisal of Option 6 alongside Options 1 (the original on-road bus scheme) and 3/3a (the southerly off-road busway)

Additionally Chris Tunstall, the City Deal director of transport, confirmed that the City Deal is re-appraising potential sites for a Park + Ride west of Cambridge. The Board agreed that the LLF will be given sight of the findings of this process prior to publication and will have the opportunity for input.

A full appraisal of Options 3/3a, 6 and 1 will be produced for the July 2017 Board meeting. The decision on which option to take forward will now be made at the October 2017 meeting.

We have our fingers crossed that the City Deal will honour the commitments they have made, and that after the mayoral elections, we will see a clearer way ahead that achieves more sensible solutions. However, it is necessary to keep telling the City Deal that the community does not want Option 3/3a – if you have not already signed our petition to this effect, please do so now!

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