Coton Parish Council endorses Greenway

Coton Parish Council response to the Greenway proposal: Cambridge to Comberton 

At its’ meeting on Tuesday 13th February 2018, Coton Parish Council noted the detailed proposals in the consultant’s report on the Cambridge to Comberton Greenway:

The Parish Council formally resolved to welcome and endorse the proposals, with some specific points and a recommendation, as proposed by the consultants, to provide a link from Coton to Hardwick and thereby from Hardwick to Comberton.

Many people consulted have said the latter is important. There is a bridleway to Hardwick directly from Long Road which would be a relatively short extension from the route proposed to Comberton. This would give access from Coton to the Newsagents and Post Office and the Blue Lion pub in Hardwick and make it much easier to ride west towards Cambourne on quieter roads. This would also achieve an off-road connection from Hardwick to Comberton. All these connections would provide a mostly off-road improved cycle commuting route to the West Cambridge site and Cambridge city centre, and enable cycling for Coton and Hardwick schoolchildren to Comberton Village College as well as opening up cycle and walking routes further west.

Coton cyclists express concern about the current link from The Footpath towards the Market Square::

  • remove the chicane from the Wilberforce Road junction;
  • add skid-resistant surfacing along Adams road (currently slippery in icy conditions);
  • provide a route segregated from pedestrians along busy Garret Hostel Lane to Queens Road, to avoid clashes, especially with unaware tourists.

Coton Parish Council supports the Greenway:

  1. endorses the route from Cambridge to Long Road
  2. recommends improvements from The Footpath to Queens Road;
  3. recommends an essential connection to Hardwick along the bridle path
  4. recommends the connection to Comberton is on dedicated off-road pathway

Roger Tomlinson

Coton Parish Councillor

14 February 2018


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