Summer guided ‘Great West Walks’ programme

Saturday 6th April 2019 sees the first of a series of guided walks on the first Saturday of each month through till October. This is a Coton Busway Action Group initiative in partnership with conservation charity Cambridge Past Present and Future.
This year (2019) there will be two walk routes: the first starting from the newly re-opened Martin Car Park on Grantchester Road just south of Coton village, and the second starting from Great St Mary’s Church opposite Senate House in Cambridge City Centre. More details below.
The purpose of the walks is to bring people out to enjoy the countryside and in particular some of the great views and landscapes of the West Fields and the Coton Corridor.  The walks will be led by Terry Spencer and/or Roger Tomlinson.
Yes we might mention that environmental philistines in the Greater Cambridge Partnership think they can run a guided busway through this part of the Green Belt and disrupt a treasured, conserved landscape forever, when there are obvious (and cheaper) alternative routes.

Walks Programme for Summer 2019
Route & meeting place at 10am           Distance (miles)
Saturday 6th April – Martin Car Park, Coton on Grantchester Road 7.5 miles
Saturday 4th May – Great St Mary Church, Kings Parade, Cambridge 6.5 miles
Saturday 1st June – Martin Car Park, Coton 7.5 miles
Saturday 6th July – Great St Mary Church 6.5 miles
Saturday 3rd August – Martin Car Park, Coton 7.5 miles
Saturday 7th Sept – Great St Mary Church 6.5 miles
Saturday 5th Oct – Martin Car Park, Coton 7.5 miles

These are serious walks, taking up to 5 hours, parts on earth paths, with opportunities to visit the Coton Village Hall produce show and The Plough. More details of the April 6th and walk starting Martin Car Park:…/coton-countryside-walk-april

More details of the Great West Walks here

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