Many groups and individuals have publicly expressed the view that Option 3/3A, the off-road busway along with a Park+Ride at Crome Lea on Madingley Hill, is not the right solution.

MPs and Local Politicians

conservative_logo_2006-svg Heidi Allen
Conservative MP for South Cambs
I do not and will not support the current recommendations for route 3 or 3a for the Cambourne to Cambridge bus route and will continue to object in the strongest possible terms.
See Heidi’s webpage on this subject here.
logo_labour_party Daniel Zeichner
Labour MP for Cambridge
Option 1B [central option] would seem to provide significant travel benefits at much less cost, disruption and adverse environmental impact than Option 1A & 1C [north and south options] and that this would be my preferred option.
liberal_democrats_logo_2014-svg Bridget Smith
Lib Dem Councillor, Major Opposition Group Leader SCDC
The reason people are forced to protest is because they aren’t being listened to.
Speaking after the Protest March on December 17th 2016. See full interview here.
screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-17-11-04 Stuart Tuckwood
Green Party, Cambridge
The Cambridge Green Party is opposed to the plans for an off-road busway through the West Fields. We support the exploration of alternative options for the delivery of better public transport, and walking and cycling options, between Cambourne and Cambridge.
liberal_democrats_logo_2014-svg Rod Cantrill
Lib Dem Councillor for Newnham,
Mayoral candidate
I call on the City Deal Board to halt any further work on the bus road across or along the West Fields and the Coton Green Corridor and instead focus on delivering high quality cycle routes from the West Cambridge site to the historic core in conjunction with a major bus and park and cycle facility on the West Cambridge or North West Cambridge sites.
Read Rod’s Twitter feed here.
liberal_democrats_logo_2014-svg Dr Julian Huppert,
Former Lib Dem MP for Cambridge
Spending £100million quickly and badly cannot be the right answer


Groups, Businesses and Charities

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-15-47-51 Cambridge Past Present and Future A few quotes from Statement on the City Deal by Cambridge Past Present and Future issued 15.12.16

  • CambridgePPF is concerned that the premature rejection of the on-road option for the A1303 by the County Council could influence the impartiality towards its belated inclusion as a realistic option
  • If the City Deal insists on pushing a new bus route then CambridgePPF supports the option for on-road bus route with a Park+Ride at Scotland Farm
  • …any decision to site a Park+Ride… on top of Madingley Hill….would be tantamount to environmental vandalism on the part of the City Deal
smarter-cambridge-transport Smarter Cambridge Transport Smarter Cambridge Transport have published a detailed response to the Cambourne to Cambridge busway proposal. They make a strong case against Option 3/3A and provide compelling arguments to implement a different scheme.
image003 Coton Orchard [Option 3/3A] is an ill-conceived endeavour….that would negatively impact the environment, our business and the security of the Orchard and neighbouring residences
Anna Gazeley, director Coton Orchard
screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-14-06-28 The Plough
The Plough is strongly opposed to any plans that threaten to spoil the rural setting of Coton
screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-14-05-31 Save the West Fields campaign group Save the West Fields is strongly opposed to a new road through the Coton Green Corridor which is critical for the historic city. The City Deal should find a solution that preserves Cambridge’s biodiversity and landscape.
Stephen Coates, Save the West Fields
screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-08-26-43 Cambridge Friends of the Earth Cambridge Friends of the Earth considers the destruction of the historic and ecologically diverse environment of the Westfields, via the construction of the West Cambridge Busway to be a huge act of vandalism which will do nothing to solve Cambridge’s transport issues. Traffic congestion in Cambridge will only be solved when…. buses and trains are run for the benefit of the public rather than the bank balances of private shareholders. We are also concerned with the apparent conflict of interest whereby the University, which is allowed representation on the City Deal board,…..also owns land on the Westfields.
screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-18-06-32 Cambridge Connect The Option 3a busway planned by the City Deal in the West ignores the fact that tens of millions of pounds have already been spent on the under-utilised A428 4-lane highway extending to the Gir-ton Interchange, where connections to the M11 could be enabled.
screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-18-11-56 Federation of Cambridge Residents Associations City Deal’s transport plans are destroying the green belt and the very communities the Local Plan was supposed to protect.